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Wednesday, September 20th

You've done endless research. You've been sharing on every social media platform anyone could possibly be using. You've even cashed out for a website that's as beautiful as the product you're trying to sell.

But they're still not finding you.  

It just feels like you're never going to figure out this target audience thing and giving up is starting to sound a lot easier. Fortunately, there's one thing you haven't done: take the Target Practice Masterclass. As a business owner, you're in the perfect position to build a brand based on your beliefs and who you want to serve. So let's do it!

My new live masterclass is designed to help you pinpoint exactly who it is your business is serving and stand out even in the most crowded niches. Read on and check out the video clip below for a look at what I'll teach you.

In This Masterclass We Will Cover:


Girl Say Less!
Save Me A Seat Right Now!

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You're In Girl! See You Soon!

Presented by Chenille Rose,
Founder & CEO at Thee Boss Besties.

I take pride in helping women who have a certain fire to improve their lives. I first learned about coaching when I was feeling unmotivated in my own life & business and was struggling to move past it. I worked my ass off and the techniques I created were so successful that my own friends and family started asking me for help with their own business challenges. This made me realize that my newfound passion, in helping women reach their goals, should turn  into a full-time career. 

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